CERTIFi by Mercy College Adult Education

Construction & Trades Course Highlights

The construction industry is increasingly adopting a variety of new technologies.  With CERTIFi by Mercy University, you can learn vital skills in construction & trades that will make you more employable.

This is just a sample of the course offering.  Go to Explore Courses for the complete list of CERTIFi by Mercy University courses.  

CERTIFi by Mercy College Adult Education

Electrician Training Program

This course provides an intensive overview of electrical maintenance. You will learn the skills needed to work as an electrical technician, including math, inspection, safety, quality, electrical systems, automation, motor controls, and assembly. 

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CERTIFi by Mercy College Adult Education

Foundations of Plumbing

This course trains for a career in plumbing. You will learn specialized plumbing skills and terminology for residential, commercial, and industrial plumbing systems. In addition, this course teaches the math, geometry, and physical principles needed to work on plumbing systems.

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