CERTIFi by Mercy University

CERTIFi Offers..

  • Certificate Programs and Non-Credit Courses: CERTIFi provides employment-ready certificate programs and non-credit courses, both in person at Mercy University campuses and online so that professional development can fit into your life.
  • Skills-Based Learning: With CERTIFi, you’ll get access to a wide range of hands-on skills to increase your competitiveness in navigating today’s business climate. You’ll upgrade your abilities to stand out in the marketplace.
  • Affordable Options: CERTIFi programs are both affordable and accessible, reflecting Mercy’s commitment to providing a workplace-focused education that works for everyone.
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Why Choose CERTIFi?

CERTIFi by Mercy University is designed for learners like you. Whether you have a college degree, want to further your career without one, or are looking to advance your skills and gain credentials vital in today’s workforce, CERTIFi has a program that can help you get moving