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Advanced Grant Writing

  • 6 hours
  • $159.00
  • Online - Self Paced

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Course Description

Pushing your grant writing skills to the next level is an exercise in focusing on the details. This course shows you how to ask iterative questions of yourself, your team, and your proposed program in order to sharpen and refine your grant proposal and push it to the top of the pack. By looking closely at how a logic model can shore up your proposal at each key stage, this course will demonstrate how to push your planning, evaluation, and budgeting from good to great.

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Learning Outcomes

  • Identify the relationship between logic model components in effective grant program planning
  • Assess the level of detail required in a grant planning timeline
  • Differentiate between formative and summative evaluations in a grant program
  • Choose common line items in a grant program
  • Determine the level of detail required in a grant program
  • Decide when a no-cost extension request is warranted
  • Evaluate post-award sustainability throughout a grant program


I really enjoyed how this course was set up and how the information was presented in a variety of ways. It made learning the material more fun and engaging.

-Lisa A.

Overall great course! Thanks for putting together an advanced and quite comprehensive grant writing program. It was good value for the price!

-Brenda L.




(Contact Hours: 6 hours)

ATD CI Credits: 6


CFRE Points: 6